A Purple for Every Mood

A Purple for Every Mood

With summer almost at its end, we couldn’t leave out purple!

For many, the colour purple is nostalgic. For me, it’s being called a grape in my baby photos, for others it may be switching on old cartoons like Chowder.

The lavender is in season, so go out and breathe in that fresh air before Autumn comes. 

Purple is said to be the colour of creativity, imagination and ambition. It’s the perfect combination of fiery red and soothing blue that can fit every mood. No matter what you’re feeling, there’s a shade of purple for anything. Take this week to express yourself with every shade you can dream of and hit the town! With such a strong, brave colour, it’s hard to find a good balance, so we suggest a subtle but powerful stance.

Looking for inspiration for your purple fashion? Why not try out Pinterest's new app Shuffles to dig up some ideas! 

Treat yourself with some Cadburys (we recommend the Marvellous Creations bar!) and don’t let it melt all over your rings! Keep it cute with a sweet charm pendant. Nothing goes better with purple than yellows, oranges and greens. 

We hope to see our Shuffles homepage full to the brim with purple this week!

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