Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Cheers, yellow is here!

When the sun made a bright return before the storm, we found it was the best time to go out with those you love. We took the chance to have an office picnic, snap some pics and have a blast!

Lots of tasty foods come in many shades of yellow, so why not share the love with a yellow themed picnic with your friends?

You can’t head out anywhere without packing the Tayto and Kerrygold with some lemon Mr Kiplings (named after an Irish baker) on the side. 

The others can bring the fruit, you can bring the sugar and fun!

Land yourself at the top of the board - not only with your snack choices - but also rock the yellow picnic fashion!

Lay it all out with some colourful and fun Claddagh style PÓG spinning rings paired with stacking rings like the perfect set of pancakes. 

Protect your head with a hat sparkling with cute PÓG pins and let the breeze run across a brand new charm pendant. Make your way to the picnic in style, the PÓG way!

This week, stand out with yellow!

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