Earth Comes First


We love our mother Earth, and we intend to keep our promise to be as gentle as possible, as we believe that beauty should never come at the expense of our planet.

Our packaging is made from bio plastics, which is made out of 100% renewable resources such as food waste and wood chipping, ensuring that every piece has a positive impact on both people and the environment!

We also take a non-seasonal approach to designing our pieces to avoid any unnecessary waste. We are also proud to say we have completely eliminated plastic from our pipeline so that every piece of jewellery you receive from us is a step towards a greener future.


Our mental health advocacy plays an intrinsic part of who we are and what we do. With increased societal pressures, the impact of covid, and an increasingly digitalized world, everyday life has become a challenging place for young people to navigate.

Many of our jewellery pieces are crafted with spinning features and moving parts, designed to help relieve stress with a soothing touch. We have adapted colour psychology throughout our pieces to help boost moods.

2.5% of our profits go directly to JIGSAW, a leading innovative charity providing mental health services for young people in Ireland. Every purchase you make helps make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling.


Our community is built on human love, the power of connection and compassion for one another

We belong to everyone! PÓGs have been mindfully designed to be worn by one and all.

Beauty knows no boundaries and neither does PÓG! So step into our vibrant collection and find a piece that truly resonates with your individuality.

Our products are unisex and are donned by all genders, sexualities, and identities. We are inclusivity at heart and promise to always staying true to our roots.



We want to uplift and inspire those who wear our pieces as well as offering love and comfort when most needed. We encourage everyone to pass the positive energy on and elevate one another.

Compassion for self and others form the heart and soul of PÓG's love language. As human beings, compassion is a fundamental essence that enables us to forge deep connections with one another. It is the cornerstone of our existence, reminding us of our shared humanity and fostering meaningful bonds.

Love is a necessity, not a luxury. Hugs and kisses are what makes life a little bit sweeter.