Beyond Aesthetics: The Secret Language of Colour Psychology

Beyond Aesthetics: The Secret Language of Colour Psychology

Have you ever wondered how a simple piece of jewellery can transform your entire look and feel? It's not just about aesthetics – the colours we adorn ourselves with hold a surprising power. From red carpets to white weddings, colour psychology and its impact on your perceptions runs deeper than you might think. 


Join us on a vibrant journey through the emotional spectrum of the rainbow! We'll unveil the fascinating psychology behind each colour and discover how it can elevate your personal expression. From the fiery confidence of red to the calming tranquillity of grey, get ready to harness the power of colour and unlock your inner brilliance!


Sport the Colour of Courage with Red 


Red is a fiery colour with a powerful presence in colour psychology. It’s the colour of courage and passion. This exciting and energetic tone exudes confidence (and, fun fact, athletes wearing red are more likely to win -- wild but true!) 


Red statement pieces are one of our favourite jewellery trends of 2024, and they’re a fabulous way to show the world your bravery and passion. It was actually our CEO Melissa’s love for all things red that inspired the Póg brand name and colour. She's always red lipstick ready!


Want to soothe your anxiety while getting a boost of confidence? Look to the Póg Spinning Bracelet or Ring in a fiery red hue. Not only does fidget jewellery help you relax but the crimson colour is a declaration of your strength and unwavering spirit. 


Embrace Universal Love with Pink


Show your love! Pink is the colour of cherishing and universal love. It’s a colour that is calming and soothing while being fun and playful at the same time. And, while it’s associated with femininity these days, that’s a pretty new idea. Pink used to be seen as a colour for young boys until the middle part of the twentieth century. Even today, in much of Asia, pink is a colour of good luck and happiness rather than femininity.


Want to channel the power of pink? Go for the Kiss Pendant for a pop of pink or the Póg Sport Bracelet for a fiery flash of fuchsia. 


Spark of Enthusiasm with Orange Piece 


Need an energy booster? Vibrant orange tones are known to stimulate creativity, motivation, and a zest for life. Let your energy burst forth with orange and give yourself a little boost during the day. 


Whether you go with a subtle accent piece like the Kiss Stacking Ring or a bold pop of colour with the Póg Pin, orange jewellery will give you a dose of energy anytime, anywhere. 


Let Your Light Shine with Yellow 


Brighten your day and the day of those around you with yellow jewellery. This cheerful colour radiates happiness, optimism, and warmth. Rock a head-turning piece like the Póg Sport Bracelet in a vibrant lemon zest shade for a breath of fresh air. 


Get More Than Just Love with Green


Harness those magical Irish blessings with the power of green! Our Irish Kisses collection is all about adorning yourself in the beautiful power of the Emerald Isle. Our shamrock and emerald-inspired jewellery evoke feelings of love, harmony, and luck. 


Give an Irish Kiss to that special someone with our Irish Kiss Locket that has a póg (that’s Irish for a kiss!) tucked away that they can wear over their heart.  


Embrace the Sea of Tranquillity + Freedom with Blue


Gorgeous shades of blue mirroring the limitless skies and endless waves will inspire your infinite potential. Fly free with this soothing shade --- and share the love! Blue is a universally loved look that just so happens to be the favourite colour of most people around the globe.  


Channel the vastness of the sky and the ocean to share with that special someone. Our blue and silver Póg Hoop and Charm earrings or Póg studs in blue are the perfect pieces for that someone special who has the ocean inside their eyes. 


Let Out Your Inner Muse with Purple


Purple, the regal blend of red and blue, occupies a fascinating space in colour psychology. It embodies the fiery passion of red and the calming serenity of blue, creating a colour-rich with symbolism and meaning. And it is one of the most inspirational hues! It is the colour of poetic imagination and artistic inspiration. If you’re feeling creatively blocked or want to inspire someone, look to amethyst-inspired tones. For the perfect purple piece, you’ll love the Kiss Hoop Charms.


Find Inner Peace with Grey 


Grey is anything but boring! This calming colour offers a haven of tranquillity that will soothe your mind and spirit. Embrace the relaxing power of a fidget ring in with a minimalistic grey and silver Póg Spinning Ring or hold a kiss in your hand with the Kiss Stacking Ring


Strand Strong in Black


Embrace your inner power with a bold black statement piece. Black exudes sophistication, strength, and unwavering confidence. A pair of Gold Stud Earrings can add a touch of sophistication and power to your look.


Embracing Colour Psychology 


Jewellery isn't just about decoration. It's a powerful tool to unlock your inner brilliance and share it with the world. Each colour whispers a secret language, and by embracing this fascinating world of colour psychology, you can curate a collection that reflects your truest self.


We all have a vibrant rainbow within us, a spectrum of emotions and experiences waiting to be expressed so don't be afraid to get colourful! Whether you crave the fiery confidence of red or the calming peace of blue, there's a perfect shade to match your mood and message. Let your jewellery be a conversation starter, a reflection of your inner world, and a constant reminder of the boundless potential you hold within. With every piece you choose, you paint a unique story on the canvas of your life. Embrace the power of colour, and radiate your authentic brilliance for all the world to see.