Red Success

Red Success

Red is fierce. Red is summer. Red is PÓG.

When PÓG first started out, we knew we wanted red to be our colour. The idea of love and friendship behind it was the perfect match for something attractive and fun.  

The red passion ended up working in our favour, with our first airport jewellery drop (celebrating all things #ColourYourSummer) which you can take home as a precious gift for those you love, or yourself! 

It seems many Irish brands like ourselves are fans of the colour red such as collaborators of ours like Virgin Media and Bradley. Red is the colour of strength! For all you fashion lovers, there's many ways to style PÓG jewellery with the right combination of things!

It’s time to channel your inner Taylor Swift and brave that red lipstick you’ve locked away for so long. 

Finally try that red hair dye you’ve been contemplating. Hair is hair, it’ll grow back anyway!

Top it all off with that shining red PÓG to finish that fierce look off with a bang. Gather a stack to layer up your hands, or something simple like a delicate necklace or a fun little pin for your clothes, bag or shoes for that subtle splash of colour.

It seems red is our colour! And this week, it should be yours too.

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