Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams

As summer comes to a close, we can't forget our icon. 

One of Ireland's most recognisable symbols is that of bubbles and barley. Our inky suds are known across the globe, and that isn't for no reason!

Now that I'm away from Ireland, I still see our famous brew advertised across the Amsterdam streets. Truly iconic.

We believe every citizen of Ireland and tourists alike should pay a visit to the Guinness Storehouse whenever you have the chance. What better place to flaunt your Irish heritage than in the heart of it all!

Top the Irish feel off with some Claddagh style jewellery! Flash the gold with a brilliant charm pendant, subtle ear cuff or perhaps even make the event extra special and make sure of some suave cufflinks for those who really want to stand out. 

Make the most of what's left of the summer. Back to school is fast approaching. Good luck!

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