World Mental Health Day 2021!

World Mental Health Day 2021!

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th of October every year. This day gives us an opportunity to open the conversation about mental health, discuss our stories and break the stigma. 

There is no shame in struggling with your mental health. The pandemic has created struggles for many of us. According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), when asked in February, six out of ten people said that their mental health had been negatively affected by the pandemic.

That’s more than half of us. If you haven’t already, it’s so important to join the discussion of mental health. Reach out, speak to your friends, check in on your family.

It’s up to us to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Talk openly about mental health, educate yourself and others and show compassion.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” - Robin Williams

Blogger: Tara Louise McGahan