Welcome Fall!

Welcome Fall!

Step aside Summer - Autumn is here!

As much as we loved those warm sunny days, it’s nice to catch a break from it as school kicks off for the year. Nothing is worse than trying to write an essay while battling your own sweat! Plus, with days getting shorter, and nights getting longer, it’s a perfect excuse to sleep more - or stargaze at a reasonable hour. We are falling for Autumn already.


Sticking to the seasonal themes, orange has taken over our hearts. It only seems fitting and we are very excited to show you all how to incorporate such an energising colour as it starts to get chilly. 

Orange stands for optimism and adventure, and can even stimulate appetite to help you enjoy heartwarming meals and wholesome soups. It’s hard to think of orange as anything but warm and welcoming.



You may be tempted to go with a dark wardrobe, but we encourage you to consider combining a touch of orange alongside your navies, greens and purples. It can be as subtle as a spinning ring to help with those school nerves, go for a bolder look like a pendant - bracelet combo or strap a pin onto some Irelands Eye Knitwear (cosy and fashionable!) 



Keep your eyes peeled for more to come. Now is just the beginning, but we have plenty planned for spooky season this October. We hope you fall for Autumn as much as we have!

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