Back To College

Back To College

It’s that time of year again that some countdown with joy and others with dread. 

I’m grateful that I have a wonderful class waiting for me this Monday but maybe that isn’t the case for everyone, and that’s ok! There’s plenty of ways to socialise in college outside your small group of 40 or so - after all, there’s about 6000+ others to befriend!

So I’ve collected the best set of tips to help you with those back to school nerves.

  • Remember - college isn’t secondary school! No one has time for the petty nature you can find pre-leaving cert. People are far too busy for that!

  • Treat yourself to cute new stationary and academic goodies. It feels so good to whip out the cute goodies on day 1 and start fresh. 
  • Try joining a club or society. If you don’t click with your class, join a group dedicated to like minded people! Get yourself out there!

  • Find what works for you. As a fidgeter, I found the spinning ring to help me subtly relax without interrupting anyone around me.
  • If fashion is your thing, now is the time to shine! College is a runway, if you want to show off, just do it!

At the end of the day, college is an experience and you can make the most of it. All it takes is a moment of bravery to step out of your comfort zone and have fun! 

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