PÓG at Showcase 2022: Behind-the-Scenes

PÓG at Showcase 2022: Behind-the-Scenes

What an amazing few days at #ShowcaseIreland! Here’s an exclusive look at everything we got up to…

At our stand, we had a fantastic time meeting some amazing creatives and designers, as well as some super talks with some brilliant business minds: nothing beats interacting in person


Left to right: PÓG Stand; Visitors enjoying the exhibition 

PÓG was also lucky enough to be nominated for a Best New Product award with our sensory spinning feature. The double-sided design, featured in our Spinning Ring and Cufflinks, has been built with a fidget element to help soothe stress and anxiety

PÓG products on display: our Silver collection and ÓIR by PÓG

At the Showcase Talks Stage, we were able to enjoy some fascinating talks from global industry leaders. There were a variety of conversations on stage, offering incites into the current climate and predictions for the future ahead. 

Showcase Talks Stage

One of our favourite features was the Makers’ Studio. Buyers and businesses alike had the opportunity to watch demonstrations from talented creatives taking part in the exhibition. There were so many fascinating art forms, including soap making, leatherwork and candle making (to name a few)!

The Makers' Studio

We are so grateful to have been a part of this vibrant event: huge thanks to all the organisers and attendees, it was truly a show like no other! 

Don’t forget: you can still visit us, set up meetings and browse our offering on our Showcase Connect online platform