More Than Green Plastic: Your Guide to Sustainable St. Patricks Day Style

More Than Green Plastic: Your Guide to Sustainable St. Patricks Day Style

More Than Green Plastic: Your Guide to Sustainable St. Patrick's Day Style

Let’s swap those plastic hats and disposable beads for a touch of emerald elegance this St. Patrick's Day! Make 2024 the year to immerse yourself in the rich history and symbolism of Irish culture, all while leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

If you're hunting for St Patrick’s Day outfit inspiration, unique gifts, or a taste of Celtic customs, we've got you covered. To kick off the holiday celebration, let’s look at how to celebrate with intention so you can make a positive impact --- while flaunting your love for the Emerald Isle!

Here’s your guide to sustainable St. Patrick's Day style and celebration. 

What to Wear for St Patrick's Day

Looking for that perfect St Patrick's Day outfit? Whether you’re in Cork or Canberra, this is the day to show off your Irish pride. To get you inspired, here are some St. Paddy’s Day style picks, along with some fun Irish history facts.  

St Patrick’s Day Colours

Emerald green, as lush as the Irish countryside, is a symbol of hope, renewal, and the enduring spirit of the Irish people. The colour has been part of the Irish flag since back in 1642 and throughout the 17th century, Irish soldiers wore green as a symbol of rebellion against British rule. 

Long before it was political, green was a colour seen throughout Celtic mythology with leprechauns in green jackets, fairies bathed in a green light, and the god of fertility and agriculture, Dagda, suited up in green. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that St. Patrick's Day wasn't always awash in green hues? Blue adorned depictions of the saint for centuries, representing Irish history and resistance long before green became the iconic symbol.

Why Wear Green for St Patrick’s Day?

Legend has it that leprechauns can’t see you if you wear green, and if they do see you, they will pinch you. This strange St Paddy’s Day lore seems to have popped up in the US during the nineteenth century and nobody knows quite how that all happened… but we love the idea of embracing our national colour and a strange little bit of modernised Celtic mythology! 

Style inspiration: As instantly gratifying as it is to grab St Patrick’s Day style in a bag, why not keep it simple? Go green by finding olive, mint, seafoam, and other festival hues in your closet. Or go old school with a blue ensemble! Whatever style you rock for St Paddy’s big day, make sure that it’s not a one-time wear. 

Green Jewellery for St Patrick’s Day  

I think any of us can agree that the worst part of any St Paddy’s Day party is waking up to a sea of green plastic afterwards. From green beads littering the streets to bins overflowing with green hats and plastic cups, having an eco-friendly St Patrick's Day sometimes feels like a distant dream --- which is why we created our Irish Kisses line! This St Patrick's Day jewellery collection is so much chicer than any novelty green party hat and it’ll last you for a lifetime. 

Debating what to wear this St Patrick’s Day? On the hunt for a St Paddy’s Day gift? Here’s some emerald enchantment to get you inspired:

  • Irish Kiss Bracelet: With a reversible and tactile charm this fidget bracelet gives a póg (that’s Irish for kiss) to anyone, anywhere, anytime they need it. 
  • Irish Kiss Spinning Ring: Another tactile jewellery pick, this fidget ring lets you share a kiss with your loved ones near and far. 
  • Irish Kiss Stud Earrings: Paint the town green every night of the week with this updated take on a classic Irish jewellery style. 

More Than Just a Ring: Irish Jewellery Traditions

While Claddagh rings have graced fingers in Galway since the 1700s, the iconic name only came about in the 1830s. Despite its relatively young label, this ring's origin tells of whispers of old folklore, likely born in the fishing village of Claddagh, Galway. 

The Claddagh ring's story remains alive today in Ireland as well as in communities of the Irish diaspora across the globe. Passed from mom to daughter for generations, it's become a coming-of-age gift as well as a symbol of forever love between romantic partners. 

What Do Claddagh Rings Mean?

Wondering how to wear a Claddagh ring? If you want to go the traditional route, here’s how to style it: 

  • On your right hand with the heart pointing out means that you’re single and available.
  • On your right hand, with the heart pointing inward means that you’re in a relationship.
  • On your left hand with the heart pointing inward means you’re married or engaged.

Redefining Modern Irish Jewellery 

As an Irish woman, I’ve always loved the Claddagh symbolism and the meaningful role that it plays in our culture. And, as a designer, it’s in my nature to mix things up and add a pop of colour! PÓG was born from the spirit of love and camaraderie that defined the Claddagh ring --- and an added touch of modern je ne sais quoi

While I love the rich history of Claddagh, today’s Ireland needed a new symbol. Our younger generations are creating change in a very different world. Today, life is digitised and fast-paced… sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I think at times we all feel that lack of human connection that can permeate everyday life. And, while a piece of jewellery isn’t exactly going to turn the modern world on its head, we can use these little tokens of love to connect. 

Pieces like the PÓG Spinning Ring can be worn in different ways, just like the classic Claddagh. Instead of just representing marital status though, they are a symbol of love in every colour of the rainbow. Rather than being a single rigid piece, they spin to show different facets (and give an outlet for anxious hands!). 

St Patrick's Day Gifts That Give Back

Beyond just offering a fresh take on modern Irish jewellery, PÓG is all about unity, with each other and with our planet. When it comes to St. Patrick's Day gifts, decor, and outfits, sustainability often goes out the window --- but it doesn’t have to! If you want to celebrate your Irish heritage or love for the Emerald Isle, go green. Invest in pieces that last while supporting local businesses in Ireland. 

Here at PÓG, we use bio-plastic packaging made from 100% renewable resources such as food waste and wood chipping. To show our love for Ireland and its beautiful people, we also donate 2.5% of all of our profits to JIGSAW, a powerful charity providing mental health for young people in Ireland. 

Celebrate St Paddy’s Day in Style 

Ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with lasting style and a conscience? Swap the plastic for pieces that tell a story and empower young minds in Ireland. Explore our complete collection of beautiful, sustainable jewellery inspired by tradition. 

For more ways to discover your piece of Irish magic,