As the weather starts to chill, and the big puffy coats emerge from our wardrobes and cocoa is served we need to keep our hearts warm. It’s that time of year to reconnect and spread the love!

Giving gifts or a ‘kiss’ to someone we care about gives us the chance to remind them of our feelings and appreciation.

Kiss-Mas allows you to do just that in a simple but personal way. 

Whether it’s through homemade cookies or loving words sent from miles away, we want to turn this Christmas into a time of love and reconnection, rekindling our friendships and making memories together. 


Who is PÓG for? It’s for those who miss a special someone, for those who have lost a family member or a friend, for those who spend the holidays away from home for the first time, for those who can’t travel back to their families, for those whose dare who to love to the fullest, for those who are not afraid of bold colours, for those who care about mental health, for those who want to start conversations about things that truly matter.

PÓG is for you. 


Spread the joy by setting our fun and loving Kiss-Mas cards on an adventure, and take part in sharing the love as we partner up with Jigsaw to help uplift others who might struggle at this time.

You can join us in making this Christmas more meaningful by giving a little back to Jigsaw with the purchase of every red PÓG bracelet or Kiss-Mas card.Find us at Dublin Airport T1 and T2, EPIC Museum, and Kalu Emporium Naas.

You don’t want to miss the chance to spread a festive PÓG! 

Reach out to old friends wherever they are. 

Remind someone that they’re special this holiday season.

Give a Kissmas PÓG