Little Christmas (Nollaig na mBan)

Little Christmas (Nollaig na mBan)

What if there was a day where we could all have some time off and enjoy ourselves (okay, I know we’ve had Christmas, but I mean some real time to relax)? 

Well luckily for us (women that is) today is Women’s Little Christmas (or Nollaig na mBan in Irish) ! A day where we say thanks to all the women for working so tirelessly over Christmas (we know men work hard too, but this is a day for the gals…it’s historical!). 

It’s 2022 and times have changed, however, who doesn’t want an excuse to have an extra day of relaxation? The tradition was developed during the days where families were big and women did all of the work, which was particularly tiresome at Christmas. However, when the day finally came on the 6th January, it was time for the men to take took over all of the work and look after the children - woohoo! 

Though it seems crazy to us now, it was the one day of the year where women would meet at the local pub without any sort of apprehension or embarrassment (the pub was usually an exclusively male domain - you go girl!). 

Although not as well celebrated anymore in large areas of Ireland, Women’s Little Christmas is still super popular in Cork and Kerry, with women packing out bars all through the night!

However you choose to celebrate, today is a perfect opportunity to hang out with your girlfriends and write those resolutions together (the ones you are definitely going to stick to, right?). 

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