Happy International Dog Day!

Happy International Dog Day!

August 26th marks International Dog Day and is celebrated all over the world. Today is so important to spread awareness and encourage people to adopt dogs, rather than buying. Here in Ireland, our dog shelters are overrun, and this is a similar occurrence around the world. 

As the whirlwind of the Coronavirus begins to tame down, the number of dogs being surrendered to shelters has increased drastically. Today can be used to spread awareness of the ‘pandemic puppy’ phenomenon and if this can encourage you to do anything, let it be to adopt, not shop! There are so many dogs out there waiting for their forever home.

If you do already have a dog and are not looking for another addition to the family, today is also a day to celebrate your own dog. Don’t forget to give them a treat or an extra cuddle today. We are so lucky to be able to have dogs, they are some of the most selfless, loving creatures out there!

The sunshine this week is just an added bonus to this lovely day to celebrate your fur babies, so get out and enjoy yourself!

Le Grá,

Póg X

Blogger - Tara Louise McGahan