Earth hour poster

Earth Hour

Did you know Earth Hour has been practiced in over 190 countries since 2007? 

At 8.30pm on the last Saturday of March, people across the globe turn off their lights for an hour as a stand for our planet. 

This event, despite only being an hour long, is a movement towards change, and a better future. Let’s make the 15 year anniversary count.

So, stack up on candles and hear out some ways we are going to spend our hour!

  1. Stargazing. If we all participate, the light pollution won’t block our beautiful night sky.
  2. Light Painting. Get yourself some sparklers and slow shutter speed and you can draw magnificent things in the air.
  3. Campfire. Roast some marshmallows and tell fireside stories.
  4. Read. Candlelight reading is a whole ‘nother vibe!
  5. Nap. Nothing wrong with a well deserved rest.

If you want to take part, EarthHour has a countdown ready so you can join us.