Colour your Kiss with Summer Bliss

Colour your Kiss with Summer Bliss

Our Summer Kiss Cards have just dropped! All proceeds from the sales of these cards go directly to JIGSAW. Our cards are 2.50 and come with a free sticker (who doesn’t love stickers?).

Postal Services handle an average of 167.3 million pieces of first class mail alone a day! 

That is a lot of written love (excluding the bills of course) flying across the globe every single day.

As quick as a text message is, there’s no feeling like being surprised with a tangible letter you can hold close to your heart and crack a smile on someone’s face. With these cards you can send a pog for every moment, big or small to someone you’re thinking of.

The power of pen on paper can really bring out the words you may find too cheesy to say. 

Wear an Irish kiss or share a PÓG with those you love and miss.