Blue is Freedom, Blue is Póg

Blue is Freedom, Blue is Póg

Did you know blue is the most common eye colour in Ireland? It’s said that almost a whopping 80% of the population is rocking the sapphire eyes.

Either through blue skies or rainfall, there’s plenty you can do for theme blue. After all, life here is built to be under the rain.

There’s no such thing as “ice-cream weather” when it comes to Ireland. Any day is a good day for a 99 with a big dollop of sauce and sprinkles. Don’t forget the flake!

When on an island, it’s a crime not to explore the beach. It may not have golden sands and surf worthy waves, but they glisten in their own charming, blue way. Roll up your jeans and take a leap of faith into the Irish sea.

Free your mind and breathe in that fresh salty air.

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