An Irish Kiss, Green Summer Bliss!

An Irish Kiss, Green Summer Bliss!

Growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

Did you know Ireland is one of the few countries in the world that appears green from space?

You never realise how much greenery there is here until you're away from it. I have memories of flying over to Spain and turning to my granny to ask her where all the green went.

As much as I loved Spain, it was refreshing to see the trees again when I was back on Irish soil.

To help maintain this green standard, we do our part to keep Ireland green with our eco packaging so we can all continue to enjoy the wonderful things on offer, like observing the wonderful wildlife in Pheonix Park while enjoying some nice Hunky Dorys. 

For a more historical trip hop onto the dart (old and green!) to Dublin Castle and enjoy the fresh air on offer.

If you want a free alternative, just take a stroll down O'Connell Street (with your Póg) and play eye spy with the amount of green you can see. It’s everywhere, from the post boxes to buses, and even (on a good day) the river!

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