Bealtaine is one of the most significant dates in prehistoric and early historic Ireland. 

It is one of the four major Celtic annual festivals.

It signifies the return of the light. A feasting time for family and friends to reunite and celebrate the outdoors.

Here are some interesting old customs celebrated during Bealtaine festival, some of those include 2 earth elements: 


In Bealtaine celebrates and symbolises the return of sun after winter.Bonfires were lit and their flames, smoke and ashes were believed to have protective properties.

Water and Flowers:

Water from local wells and the flowers left at the wells were believed to be restorative. Washing the face or walking in the first dew of May day was believed to have curative properties. Flower offerings such as yellow flowers were believed to appease nature spirits and pagan gods throughout Europe.

Good Luck and Bad Luck:

May was heralded with joy, with protection against unseen forces. Between sunrise on May eve and sunrise on May day. Evil spirits were seen to be at their most potent. Wells were guarded at all time and may flowers were were spread on doorsteps to discourage bad luck from entering a home.

Bealtaine holds great significance within the Irish hearts still to this day and is celebrated every year.

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