Pet Day

Pet Day

From the smallest mouse to the biggest Great Dane, our pets have kept us company through this quarantine.

Now that we are able to leave our homes again, we must return the love we received from them. Here’s some ways you can thank your loyal friends.

For Dogs

  • With the weather flourishing, a day at the beach would make them a very happy pooch
  • A new collar with a matching Póg pin for a stylish pup

For Cats

  • Catnip. If your cat is not interested in it, try silver vine (it’s even more reactive than catnip!)
  • A new scratching post or pad for their pedicures

For Rodents

  • A new selection of seeds and fruit to try
  • A running wheel/ball if they don’t have one. Hours of entertainment and exercise for them

For Reptiles

  • If your scaly friend can have fruit jelly, I’m sure they’d love it
  • Take them for a walk with a reptile harness

For Fish

  • Add plants to replicate their natural environment
  • Give them toys light enough for them to interact with (floating toy)

Shelters are experiencing a rising number of surrenders as life returns to normal.

Pets are not temporary. Pandemic puppies deserve the security they provided us. 

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