Kiss Kindle with PÓG

Kiss Kindle with PÓG

This year at PÓG we are celebrating Christmas with our Kiss Kindle campaign. Within our Christmas collection, there is something for everyone. Each little bundle is curated for your loved one and comes with a bespoke Christmas card that can be personalised for the occasion, as well as our super PÓG packaging and free shipping!

Him/Her Bundle (25)

Our super PÓG pins are a versatile and uplifting gift that you can wear with anything. They are a gorgeous sentiment for your significant other with a touch of Irishness and a kiss from home. These pins come in grey, green, pink and red. 

Mum Bundle (€30) 

Christmas is the perfect time of year to give our mammies a little acknowledgement for all the hard work and love they give us. Our PÓG reversible bracelet is a super happy and uplifting gift. The gift is in a minimalistic bioplastic box and comes with our Christmas card for you to personalise. The bracelet comes in grey, green, pink or red.

Bestie Bundle (€49)

Where would we be without our friends? Especially at this time of year. This bestie bundle is a special dedication to them. Our PÓG reversible bracelet comes with a pair of X earrings and a bespoke card from you to them. This bundle comes in grey, green, pink and red. 

Kindle Bundle (€65)

Who else needs a PÓG? This special duo suits all the different people in your life. Whether it is a colleague, friend or loved one afar, PÓG will be the perfect gift. The reversible PÓG pendant is an uplifting special gift on an adjustable chain. We have matched it with our spinning ring which gives you a PÓG with a spin. The ring is playful and can be used to soothe anxiety with its spinning centre. The duo comes in grey, green, pink and red.

We hope you all enjoy our beautiful and sentimental gifts, for all those you care about and wish to acknowledge this Christmas. 

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PÓG Collaborator, 

Hannah Casey