Green Friday: Elevating Holiday Shopping with Purpose and Style

Green Friday: Elevating Holiday Shopping with Purpose and Style

As the holiday season approaches, the frenzy of Black Friday bargains screams out from every storefront. Caught in the chaos, we’ve been feeling an irresistible urge to run away and hibernate until January! Luckily for our loyal fans, we’ve decided to embrace a sustainable and smart approach instead. Here at Póg Jewellery, we are plunging headfirst into an eco-conscious alternative – say hello to Green Friday, our new favourite holiday tradition. Rather than heading out on a mission to acquire more things and overcrowd an already bursting wardrobe, why not shake up your routine this year? With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, it's the perfect time to explore meaningful, sustainable gifts that bring a spark to the season. Want to upgrade your Black Friday into a Green Friday (and still dazzle with gorgeous gifts this Christmas? Here are some things to consider to elevate your 2023 holiday shopping. 

Green Shopping During the Holiday Season

As they say, you vote with your wallet. With the holiday shopping kicking off, the
choices that you make really do have the power to create a more mindful and
impactful celebration. This year, it is time to turn your credit card into a magic wand and play your part in creating a better world. 
Of course, that’s easier said than done. In a world of greenwashing, eco-friendly gift buying can seem complicated at best. With all of the overpriced and overhyped products out there, it often feels like the only truly sustainable options are impossibly expensive. 
Working in the world of small sustainable businesses, however, we know very well that there are truly good brands out there that stay true to their values. That’s why we are here to help you buy better this year. Keep on reading for a few tips to get you on the path to eco-friendly holiday gift-giving. 

Thoughtful Gifts: Beyond Trends and Fads As much as love exploring the latest trends, Christmas gifts are far more meaningful when they have a sentimental value. While fashion comes and goes, gifts from the heart will always have their place. Thoughtful presents like the pieces from our Kiss collection give an infinite kiss to that someone special. It’s something real, tactile, and beautiful that they can reach for anytime, anywhere. For the 80+ million people around the globe of Irish descent, our Claddagh-inspired collections are even more meaningful. 
And, these are just a few of the countless options out there. This year, when you’re making your holiday gift list, spend the time to truly think about your nearest and dearest to find what they’d truly love. 

Finding Sustainable and Ethical Choices
After the holiday madness, tossing the heaps of plastic packaging and shredded
wrapping paper is always a less-than-joyous experience. But gift-giving doesn’t have to mean filling up the landfills! 
Here at Póg Jewellery we only use packaging from 100% renewable resources like wood chippings and food waste. There are a myriad of other brands out there that are every bit as committed to low-waste, no-plastic packaging. When you’re gift shopping this holiday season, pay attention to the full package and look for eco- friendly options. If the product you’ve got in hand is more packaging than present, keep on searching. 

Support Small Businesses Online and In-Person 

This holiday season, support small businesses near and far. Unlike global brands,
small businesses offer unique product ranges with that personal touch. Best of all, by choosing to buy gifts from small businesses, you play a direct role in sustaining entrepreneurship, promoting economic resilience, and fostering a sense of community. 
As a female-owned small business that is dedicated to ethical jewellery, we know
each and every person involved in making and selling Póg Jewellery. This is the
benefit of shopping with us and many other small businesses out there. 

Look to Brands on a Mission 

Choose gifts that give back. At Póg Jewellery, 5% of our profits go directly to
JIGSAW, a crucial charity that provides mental health services for young people in Ireland. You’ll find a wide range of other brands out there that dedicate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes. By choosing socially conscious gifts, you are not only being thoughtful to the person receiving your gift but also contributing to positive change in the wider world.

Make a Statement This Green Friday

This Green Friday, let your choices be a reflection of your values. Remember that
your purchase becomes more than a transaction; it becomes a symbol of love, care, and responsibility towards our planet and its people.
Join Póg this Green Friday and redefine the joy of giving, not just to loved ones but to the world around you. Make a statement that lasts beyond the holiday season — a statement of style, sustainability, and compassion.
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Happy holiday shopping!